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Deciding to grow your family is an exciting time.

We understand that finding a doctor that is the right fit takes time and you deserve to have a partner in your healthcare. That thought is what inspired Doctors Melius, Schurr & Cardwell to start Physicians for Women in 2001.

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Breastfeeding your child is a very personal choice.

It can come with many questions and some challenges. Both of our Midwives have experience in this area and want to empower new moms with tools to promote successful breastfeeding.

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Phases for Women

Our primary care providers at Phases For Women focus only on the care of women – all the nuances, systems and lifestyle stressors that impact them and affect their health. We actively partner with our patients and have a long-term vision for their wellness.

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As a clinic focused on the needs of women we will now be providing the innovative technology of FemiLift, assisting women in rejuvenation and repair of vaginal irregularity to meet an ever increasing demand for these gynecological procedures that successfully treat many conditions including stress urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosis and symptoms of menopause.

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“It’s not the number of women we treat, it’s how we treat women...”

Complete Specialty Care for Women: Physicians for Women of Madison, WI, specialize in obstetrics and gynecology (ob/gyn) and all areas of women’s health, including examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.


Now accepting Unity/Quartz!

All of our Clinicians are welcoming new patients.

We are thrilled to now be accepting Unity/Quartz insurance! This is the birth of a new era for our clinic and we are proud to offer access to this new patient population! We know that the new year can mean new insurance plans for patients and it can be stressful finding a new primary care physician. We have openings with all of our providers and all of their practices are welcoming new patients. Our focus is on caring for women and you receive the same personalized, relationship based superior healthcare with any of our providers. We are committed to providing women with options that fit their goals for healthcare and have services in Internal Medicine, OB/GYN and Midwifery. Our clinicians in any of these areas can provide general healthcare and any of our Internal Medicine or OB/GYN providers can be selected as a primary care provider with your insurance plan. Read more about each of them on their individual page links above and call 608-227-7007 to schedule a meet and greet with any of our clinicians today.

Since the birth of my daughter a couple of years ago, I am still so grateful for the care I received (and still continue to) from Christine and Allison. I felt heard, understood, and deeply cared for before being pregnant, during prenatal care, birth and beyond. Every woman should have a midwife (or two)!” –Kristen


I cannot speak highly enough about the doctors and how important the relationship is. Dr Schurr delivered both of my daughters and Dr Melius was there when I had complications after the birth of my 2nd daughter. They treat you like you are part of the family and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.” –Breinne


My husband had actually found out about doctors Melius, Schurr and Cardwell, and told me to call. Best phone call I've ever made. The entire staff was beyond friendly and helpful. When the time came to have my children, the doctors were ready, even in the middle of the night. Even after my children, they took the time to help figure out what was going on with my reproductive organs. They spent days, even months working with me regularly to figure out the best solution. To this day, I still tell everybody I can how wonderful this clinic is.” –Amanda


I knew there was a good chance I would need a C-section for medical reasons, and I knew that most midwives don’t work with C-section births. However, halfway through my pregnancy I learned about gentle cesarean and after some research I found that Christine from The Madison Midwives was now working collaboratively with the OB/GYN's at Physicians for Women to provide women with this type of delivery. Christine and Dr. Melius helped me to bring my daughter into the world with such a caring demeanor.” –Carrie

Lainy Rosenberg, Allison Scholl, Michael Cardwell, Julie Schurr, Frederic Melius, Patricia Kraemer, Christine Kern Steffen
Lainy Rosenberg, Allison Scholl, Michael Cardwell, Julie Schurr, Frederic Melius, Patricia Kraemer, Christine Kern Steffen

Meet Our Providers

Three Clinics Working Together

Physicians for Women specializes in obstetrics & gynecology and all areas of women’s health, including examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.  Formed in 2001 by well known Doctors Melius, Schurr and Cardwell, they have expanded to include The Madison Midwives with Certified Nurse Midwives Christine Kern Steffen and Allison Scholl and they also have Phases for Women Internal Medicine clinic with Dr. Patrica Kraemer and Nurse Practitioner Lainy Rosenberg.  All of our providers offer the most personalized, exceptional care and strive to help you feel confident and positive about your healthcare.

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