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I was discussing some issues with a friend and expressed my anxiety that my OB could not see me for 2 months out. My friend, who is a client of Dr Schurr, told me to give you guys a call. I saw that you just switched to Quartz/Unity, which is my insurance. I was able to be seen at your clinic within 10 days. Yay! While I have your attention I just want to say- I was very impressed with your clinic!! The atmosphere was SO welcoming! I did not need to repeat my history multiple times, my info was in the computer system very quickly (for the patient portal), my nurse was knowledgeable and confident, and Dr Schurr communicated her plan with me very clearly and even walked me to the lab for a blood draw (which even though it is right down the hall was a very personable gesture). Excellent, seamless appointment flow. I didn’t even realize what I was missing out on until l came to Physicians for Women! I will be sticking around. Thanks!” –Kara


Our Model of Care

Deciding to grow your family is an exciting time.  It is important to find the best doctor to care for you and your baby.  We understand that finding a doctor that is the right fit takes time and you deserve to have a partner in your healthcare. That thought is what inspired Doctors Melius, Schurr & Cardwell to start Physicians for Women in 2001. We look forward to women coming in for an appointment to meet the providers.

Physicians for Women Team

Our goal is for you to feel welcome and confident that you are getting the best care and to never be treated as a number in the system. We welcome you into the clinic reception area and take you to an exam room walking you through every check-up and every routine test. The entire staff takes the time to answer any question you might have. Throughout your pregnancy you will get to know each of our providers and we will get to know you so that on the day of your baby’s birth you will feel comfortable and confident as one of us are there to help bring your precious miracle into the world.

You will also get to know most of our staff throughout your pregnancy as you experience our in-clinic lab and ultrasound. As part of the routine prenatal care, we perform an ultrasound early on in the pregnancy and then again about halfway through. We also can take gender reveal ultrasound pictures! The ultrasound room is welcoming and in fact, it is fun to bring the younger siblings or other family and friends along to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see pictures of the baby.

Physicians for Women - Madison WIOver the past 10 years the clinic has expanded and grown as we strive to provide women with a convenient and complete experience. Not only do we have front door parking, easy access to appointments, in-clinic lab and ultrasound, we also have Internal Medicine and Midwifery services. We welcomed the addition of Midwifery to our clinic in 2014 so that women can have a choice while selecting providers for their childbirth experience and the concept behind the addition of Internal Medicine services to our clinic is that we can now offer women the same personalized health care throughout all the years of their life with amazing providers focused on women’s health.

Our motto has always been “it’s not the number of women we treat, it’s how we treat women”.  We know that in today’s world of healthcare, time with a patient gets to be less and less and our physicians will never let the personalized care they provide be lost in the fast paced world we live in.  We truly celebrate women and the miracle of childbirth!