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Category: Pregnancy

Iodine in Pregnancy and Foodie Salts – Dr. Julie Schurr

(Spoiler alert- Just because it’s gourmet doesn’t mean it’s better for you) I love dining out and trying new foods, and I love to cook too. Many of the recipes I find so appealing include the use of gourmet salts (Pink Himalayan, Kosher, Sea salt, sel Gris, and Fleur de sel to name a few). […]

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Exercise and Pregnancy: Benefits, Challenges and What Nobody Talks About – Dr. Julie Schurr

Exercising pregnant has its own set of goals, challenges and benefits, but it most definitely doesn’t look like your exercise regimen prior to the baby bump. Understanding the why and how modifications to your exercise routine can help keep you safe is important and so rarely discussed. In our experience, a pregnant woman motivated to […]

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Avocado Recall and Pregnancy By, Dr. Michael Cardwell

The Henry Avocado Company has announced the recall of avocados sold in several states, including Wisconsin.  The company found Listeria in routine testing of its packaging facility in California.  There have not been any cases of Listeria reported; the company is acting proactively.  If you have California Avocados from Henry, you should return them to […]

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Sex After Pregnancy

When is sex okay? (coupled with questions like will it hurt? And will it feel different to me/him?)

This is a super common question and often asked by the new Dad. I tell my patients to wait on average 4-6 weeks after delivery before becoming sexually active. This allows vaginal tears and laceration repairs time to heal and for the uterus to properly involute (shrink) and stop bleeding. Vaginal tissues may feel less […]

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