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Archive: April 2019

The 5 Most Common Pelvic Floor Issues in Women and What You Can Do About Them

We want to start by saying that issues with pelvic floor are a common condition, but many women delay reporting them to their doctor.  The problems women experience vary, but in most cases early intervention can lead to better results with treatment.  Problems with injury or damage to the pelvic floor musculature, bowel, bladder or […]

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Iodine in Pregnancy and Foodie Salts – Dr. Julie Schurr

(Spoiler alert- Just because it’s gourmet doesn’t mean it’s better for you) I love dining out and trying new foods, and I love to cook too. Many of the recipes I find so appealing include the use of gourmet salts (Pink Himalayan, Kosher, Sea salt, sel Gris, and Fleur de sel to name a few). […]

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Exercise and Pregnancy: Benefits, Challenges and What Nobody Talks About – Dr. Julie Schurr

Exercising pregnant has its own set of goals, challenges and benefits, but it most definitely doesn’t look like your exercise regimen prior to the baby bump. Understanding the why and how modifications to your exercise routine can help keep you safe is important and so rarely discussed. In our experience, a pregnant woman motivated to […]

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