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Archive: February 2019

Stay Healthy In the Polar Vortex of WI Winter! By, Dr. Julie Schurr

I’ve not met one person lately who is still singing the praises of winter in Wisconsin. We’re all sick of it, literally. Yes, snow can be beautiful, the moon is bright and the air crisp, but between outbreaks of Influenza and Norovirus, and just plain rotten upper respiratory infections, we must navigate the next few […]

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The 90% Rule

The majority of risk factors that lead to a heart attack are those under your control and not secondary to inherited conditions. Minor changes in lifestyle make for large impacts in your health. What You Can’t Control – The 10% -Age (over 45 for men, over 55 for women) -Gender (men are at higher risk […]

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How does chronic stress affect a woman’s health?

Stress is your body’s response to the daily events in your life. “Good” stress serves to motivate you to achieve a goal. “Bad” stress is a negative, destructive and self-inflicted energy that eats away at your health and can lead to many debilitating issues, especially heart disease. The “fight or flight response” is a well-known adaptation to an […]

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What can I do to prevent Heart Disease?

Women, in general, are known for addressing the needs of everyone else in their lives first, and get around to caring for themselves last. We make it a point to emphasize the importance of self-care to our patients. Take time each day to exercise, fuel your body with a diet of healthy foods and take […]

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